Welcome to learn English! I offer teacher-led English online lessons and courses for Italians.  My courses are interactive and stimulating. I offer online lessons and courses that are easy for the student to take part in. Both the lesson and the material components work well together.

For me the Can Do -approach is important: the competence level of the student is assessed by an entrance test. There are checks along the way to ensure learning results. My teaching is based on world-famous professional curriculums and course material.

Lessons are available from Monday to Sunday also in the evening hours and during holiday seasons.










English teacher and an interactive learning platform

Improve your weak points! Get more practice for fluency! Learn by using an interactive online platform together with the teacher! Contact me and I will help you to identify your study needs. I offer a wide range of teacher-led online lessons and courses such as short and long courses in General English and short and long courses to improve certain areas of language usage such as writing, speaking, or grammar. The teaching can be carried out individually or in small groups.

How is online teaching organized?

This is how it works. We meet each other using a video-conferencing tool or skype. We see each other and talk. To learn and to practice we use a world-famous interactive platform together. The student participates actively by listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The course material is presented on the screen by the teacher. The student uses a digital pen to complete online exercises. The teacher sees the answers immediately. The student and the teacher can use a digital whiteboard in the same way as in a classroom.

The lessons form the most important part of learning. The lesson material is available to the student online throughout the study period. Between lessons, the student will be assigned homework, which he does online and saves to the platform.

We meet each other using a video-conferencing tool or skype. We interact using a world-famous professional platform. The student participates actively by listening, speaking, and reading the material on the screen. The student uses a digital pen to complete the online exercises which are immediately seen by the teacher. The digital whiteboard can be used in the same way as in a physical classroom.

I can also help young adults by supporting them in their studies at school or when they prepare themselves for exams. The interactive platform can be one solution. Another solution would be to use a combination of a study book and tailored online lessons with appropriate screen material.










English teacher + Traditional Student’s book + Audio and video material on the screen

Learn General English with the help of a step-by-step curriculum, a combination of traditional textbooks, and online lessons! Get prepared for exams! The material of these courses is from the world's best-selling English course - a perfectly-balanced syllabus with a strong grammar focus, and full support at all six levels on the European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

These courses are a combination of online lessons and the traditional use of a textbook and a workbook (optional).

The course material provides a consistent study path for English studies. The material and the course design have a reference to the Common European Framework of Reference and to the Cambridge examinations (KET, PET, FCE, CAE) recognized worldwide.

The courses and the material cover all areas of language usage: reading, speaking, listening, and writing. We can practice more writing and speaking if necessary.  The courses have a practical point of view and include sections of everyday English, spoken grammar, and real-world speaking skills. The student learns to use modern General English in a wide variety of situations in all areas of life including the working environment.

How is online teaching organized?

The books are available in bookshops all over the world. They can easily be bought at the leading online retailers. You can even get the student’s book from the teacher.

Lessons are carried out online using a video-conferencing tool such as Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype. The lessons are led by the teacher who is present throughout the online meeting and interacts with the student. The screen view can be compared to a whiteboard in a classroom. The classroom material will be presented to the student using a share function of the video-conferencing system used. The classroom material is of extremely high quality and very inspiring. It consists of presentations of grammar and vocabulary, exercises, videos, and audio recordings.

The learning experience is almost like taking a language course at home! Even if you have never taken an online course, you will be surprised how well it works.










Equipment needed for the online lessons

  • Preferably a pc or a computer with a microphone and a camera
  • A good internet connection
  • A video conferencing system loaded and ready to use

Prices of the online English lessons

  • 10 lessons, 75 minutes each | 150€
  • 10 group lessons, 90 minutes each | 100€
  • Single lessons and scolastic support 17€ | 75 minutes

For young students, I need a written permission from the parents saying that their child is allowed to use systems online.

If you’re not sure about how the lessons function, we can practice together free of charge! Don’t worry. Sometimes it happens that the connections don’t work. We will carry out the lesson later free of charge.

English teacher Ylva Rewell - Alba, Piemonte - Italy

Introduction of the English teacher

My name is Ylva Rewell. I have a master’s degree in linguistics and English at the business university in Helsinki, Finland. I also have a TEFL certificate which I took in Florence in 2015. The certificate makes me a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language in Italy. I have a long working history in international companies in Finland. My duties have included the planning and coordination of English language training. I have planned and taught group courses of English at an adult education center in Alba, Italy.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact me for further information! I’m a friendly teacher and will be very flexible with my students.

Atelier dell'Inglese • English teacher Ylva Rewell • Alba | Piemonte - Italy
info@atelieringlese.com | Tel. +39 345 791 5706